About Us

Mission Statement

As an organization, we commit ourselves to the development of all the children who participate in our youth sports and cheer programs inside and outside of our area. We commit ourselves to foster lifelong important attributes such as hard work, self-discipline, family values, fair play, team play, sportsmanship, and a commitment to excellence in the children who commit to our programs. Each child will be treated equally, with respect, and no special treatment will be given to any child regardless of who he or she is or where he or she comes from. Our children should be recognized in the community not only as young athletes but, as outstanding individuals who show respect to all of those they come in contact with. We will pride ourselves on providing the children with the very best in the following: Safety, Preparation, Training, League of play, Coaches, Equipment, Fields. We will strive to provide the opportunity for participation to all interested children regardless of their financial situation through grants and other means.


Our Core Values


We value athletes, coaches, and families who are honest, respectful, and hold themselves to high standards both on and off the field. Both in and out of uniform, Wolverines are known to be kind, mature, and a great asset to the community.

Academic Excellence

Our athletes understand that being a part of any team is a privilege, and their education is the priority. We only allow our athletes to perform and play so long as they maintain high grades


Our coaches always give 110% and we expect the same of everyone. We understand that everyone has different lifestyles, however, we also understand that success never comes before work, and we are dedicated to teaching our athletes and community the importance of perseverance.

Team Work

The Horizon West Wolverines are a team.  Just like a symphony orchestra, every single person adds value and support to our goal. We expect our athletes, coaches, and families to work alongside one another, supporting each other, and maintain their priorities.


Attitude.... is everything. Regardless of points, winning, and trophies, more than anything we want our kids to learn the importance of optimism.  Youth sports are meant to teach core values and lifelong skills. We know that making sure our Wolverines enjoy themselves and learn is more important than any title.



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